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We provide flying Pokémon art, media and a strong community! We don't just love flying-type Pokémon, we also love anything that is bird-shaped or has the ability to fly, such as Flygon, Psyduck, Latios and Mew. Our site mascots are the legendary flying Pokémon Lugia and Articuno. Come and meet other flying Pokémon fans in our forums or enjoy some real time conversations about Pokémon in our chat.

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Posted on 9th April 2016 Lugia and Articuno
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Posted on 26th July 2015 Lugia
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The Sky Temple News

The Sky Temple Minecraft Server

Posted by Lighty at Wednesday, 27. April 2016 @ 20:17:10

The Sky Temple Minecraft Server

After the blazing success of the TST Minecraft Realms server, we decided to give our Minecraft Community a little update…

Introducing: The Sky Temple Minecraft Private Server!

Since our Mojang Realms server was successful, it quickly became obsolete, as players wanted new features, or simply got bored with it!

This sparked the idea to build a new Minecraft Server, as found elsewhere, namely build on the  Arcania Tech systems, meaning there are multiple worlds, and loads of new features!

The new TST Minecraft server is proudly privately hosted under a protected environment, and whitelisted to your Minecraft's unique identifier (UUID), meaning only registered TST Members who signed up, are able to join… no strangers!

New Features

Build proudly upon ArcaniaTech 3's core structures, the new TST Minecraft Server offers our players multiple worlds, ranging from the existing Realms Survival world, a Creative world, a Minigames world, and a PvP/PvE world! Making to total playable worlds a healthy 4… with enough room for expansion!

The server is built upon ArcaniaTech 3, meaning it comes packed with loads of features, to provide a smooth, stable, but mostly a secure gameplay experience! Meaning that if you get griefed in the survival or creative world, that we can restore ANY damage caused, from complete buildings to animals and NPC's, we can restore everything in any detail!

ArcaniaTech 3 offers an up-to-date PvP and PvE Experience in our unique, nowhere else to be found KitWar arena! Choose a kit, grab your items, and slay zombies, or other players for fame and glory!

How to join

As mentioned before, the server is secured by an UUID Checker, and a whitelist, meaning people of the TST Community have to sign-up by hand with us, get approved, and then will be able to play with us!

To register for the TST MC Server: please visit the TST IRC Channel, or PM one of the Minecraft Staff members, listed below!

After that, the server can be reached on 24/7, with no login or further actions required, join and play!

Handy Commands


/spawn, /hub: Teleports you to the main lobby.

/survival: Teleports you to the survival world.

/creative: Teleports you to the creative world.

/minigame: Teleports you to the minigames world

/kitwar: Teleports you to the PvP/PvE "KitWars" world.

/warp: Prompts you with a list of accessible warps.

Survival and Creative World:

/sethome: Sets an home on your current location (per-world homes!).

/home [name]: Teleports you to the specified home!  (when using multiple homes, i.e, one in Survival, or more in Creative, they are given names).

Creative World Only:

/gmc: Sets your gamemode to Creative.

/gms: Sets your gamemode to Survival.

/heal: Heals your hunger and health.

/feed: Satisfies your hunger.

/fix: Fixes the durability of an item in your hand.

Teleporting to people:

/tpa [name]: Ask a specified player if you can teleport to them (they will have to manually accept or deny).

/tpahere [name]: Ask a specified player if they want to teleport to you (they will have to manualle accept or deny).

/tpaccept: Accept a tpa request.

/tpdeny: Deny a tpa request.


/mail: The mail system, send, read and manage mails, handy if players aren't online, and will get prompted upon new mail when they join.

/afk: Sets you to AFK, greying your name, so others know you are away for a second, auto-triggers if stood still for a while.

/back: Teleports you to your last teleported location.

/rules: Show some essential rules in-game

/staff: Shows the MC staff list

The Sky Temple Minecraft Community Guidelines

Please note, that the moment you play on the Minecraft Server, all standard Community Guidelines, including the Forums and IRC Guidelines, automatically apply, and breaking those can, and will reflect back to the Site and IRC!

  • Griefing/trolling other player's buildings or "property" is not allowed, if this happens to you, please report it to staff asap, we are able to fix it on the spot using plugins, no need to rebuild it yourself!
  • When creating towns with multiple people, we hope the town will be managed as a "Democracy", meaning that people won't grief or troll each other, and can make decisions and town-leading hierarchy themselves… if problems arise, please don’t fight, and don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help!
  • The server holds its head high when it comes to "fair play", meaning that Client Modifications that add unfair advantages in-game (with the exception of a minimap etc.) are NOT allowed! This goes for abusing bugs in any way, using cracked clients, and cheat clients, which is seen as a very high offense, and will be dealt with as such.
  • Please refrain from entering other people's territory and buildings without clear permission to prevent trouble, this includes setting your "/home" in their territory.
  • Please do not spam /me, /msg, /mail, /tpa, /tpahere… or any interactive commands at all! This is rather annoying!

If there are things unclear, or need answering, please don't hesitate to poke the staff in-game… if there is no-one available, visit us at the The Sky Temple IRC Chat!

Minecraft Staff

Questions, Reporting, Problems…. Or up for a chat? The Minecraft Staff Team is up to help you with any problems, in-game, or around the Minecraft.

For technical questions, bug reporting, or feature requesting, please contact the developer!

  • Syrune
  • Xai
  • Articuno
  • Lighty (Developer)

For the full changelog, please Click here!


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