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Welcome to The Sky Temple

We provide flying Pokémon art, media and a strong community! We don't just love flying type Pokémon, we also love anything that is bird-shaped or has the ability to fly, such as Flygon, Psyduck, Latios and Mew. Our site mascots are the legendary flying Pokémon Lugia and Articuno. Come and meet other flying Pokémon fans in our forums or enjoy some real time conversations about Pokémon in our chat.

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Posted on 26th August 2015 Shadow Lugia
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Posted on 26th July 2015 Lugia
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Posted on 20th September 2015 Silverus Lugia
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The Sky Temple News

Oekaki board, new pages and new staff!

Posted by Articuno at Friday, 25. September 2015 @ 10:44:11

It's been a very busy month for me here and it may seem as if nothing new has happened but in actual fact, lots of good things have piled up and I am finally announcing them in the news!

First of all, I have brought back the Oekaki board as I found it is most appropriate for a website based around art ^v^ I'd love you all to give this a try some time but please be aware that it won't work on Chrome at all. It also requires a lot of tinkering to get it to work in other browsers. I have provided a load of steps and links that will help you through it so please see this thread here for guidance on getting our Oekaki board to work.

A few of our old pages have been through the revamp process and are now available to view on the site, here is a list of what is complete/almost done so far:

I've also completely re-made the About page and merged affiliation and contact into it.

Within the Community..

I've appointed LugiaLordOfTheSeas as our new IRC administrator! ^v^ Please welcome him to the staff team once again. LLOTS was previously a global moderator on the forums but his skills are much more suited to scripting for IRC and taking care of the community within it.

That's all I have to add for now, I still have an awful lot of pages left to get done but once they are out of the way, art will start to flow into the site again :>

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Is it unethical to eat Pokémon?

Started by Articuno Thursday, 24. September 2015 @ 09:45:06

Yes! 5 votes [41%]
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