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We provide flying Pokémon art, media and a strong community! We don't just love flying type Pokémon, we also love anything that is bird-shaped or has the ability to fly, such as Flygon, Psyduck, Latios and Mew. Our site mascots are the legendary flying Pokémon Lugia and Articuno. Come and meet other flying Pokémon fans in our forums or enjoy some real time conversations about Pokémon in our chat.

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Posted on 26th August 2015 Shadow Lugia
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Posted on 26th July 2015 Lugia
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Posted on 12th August 2015 Latios
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Bootleg Shadow Lugia Plush Emerges

Posted by Articuno at Saturday, 22. August 2015 @ 10:13:46

Something interesting has popped up on the web recently, what appears to be a bootleg Shadow Lugia plush..
I was just scanning eBay as usual for Lugia plush items when I came across it.


As you can see.. he seems to have a tag attached to him.. but this doesn't make him an official Shadow Lugia plush. Bootleggers have gotten very good at fooling their audiences. It looks to me as if this is a heavily modifiied pattern of the latest official Lugia plush, or perhaps it is a stolen pattern of a plush that hasn't been released yet!
Either way it is a curious one as only people from China and Hong Kong are selling these at present, there haven't been any official reports on a new Shadow Lugia plush yet.
Here are a few extra angles of this plush, please click on the links to view them:
Shadow Lugia plush from the front
Shadow Lugia plush side on
Shadow Lugia plush top down
The plush isn't great but we have no other large sized Shadow Lugia plushies, so if you really want one I suggest buying one before they disappear forever! But careful not to pay too much ;>
I will report again if there is anymore information on this.

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Featured Poll

Would you buy the bootleg Shadow Lugia plush?

Started by Articuno Saturday, 22. August 2015 @ 10:13:46

Yes, it's great! 1 vote [11%]
Maybe 5 votes [55%]
No, it's terrible! 3 votes [33%]

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